Congratulations to the
Players of the 2020 Tennessee Junior Cup Hosted by Scott Stallings!




The Tennessee Golf Foundation is pleased to announce the:

 2021 Tennessee Junior Cup Points List 

*Rankings will be updated the 1st week of every month beginning in April

*2021 Qualifying Tournaments as of 9.8.21

The Tennessee Junior Cup Points List, presented by the Tennessee Golf Foundation, reflects the abilities of junior golfers from Tennessee participating in a wide variety of events. The rankings favor local events to reduce economic favoritism, and put significance on national championships to recognize top performances. Points will be kept until the Junior Cup teams are announced on Wednesday September 8, 2021.

For an event to be considered for the rankings, it must meet the following guidelines:
  1. Local, junior specific, 36 hole + events or local junior match play events conducted in Tennessee that abide by USGA Rules of Golf and have a minimum 20 boys and 8 girls registered to compete in the event (division(s) competing from the longest yardage). If the number of holes has to be reduced due to inclement weather, the committee will determine whether the rankings will apply.

  2. National events that are invitationals or players earn their way through local qualifying. Examples: AJGA Invitationals, USGA Championships, the PGA Junior Championship, and other such invitationals and national championships.

  3. TGA Amateur and Open events will be considered in the rankings.

  4. USGA Amateur events will be considered for the rankings as long as the player earned his/her way into the championship via exemption or qualifying.

  5. Miscellaneous events that are conducted in Tennessee will be considered on a year to year basis. Examples: Southern Junior, Women's Southern, and other such regional and national championships.
Weightings can be adjusted annually but not during the year. The committee reserves the right to add events to the list as deemed necessary. The following weight structure will be in place for 2021: (For events with an *asterisk*, see below for expanded event explanation)

1 Chattanooga City Junior Championship
1Hank Miles Clarksville City Junior Championship 
 Southern States Junior Classics
2West TN Junior Golf Association Events 
3 *Schooldays Championship
3*The Tri-Star 
3*The Scotty 
 United States Junior Golf Tour Events held in Tennessee 
Sneds Tour Open Series Events
3 Sneds Tour 2 Day Tour Division Series Events  
4 Sneds Tour 2 Day Masters Series Events 
4The Memorial 
4Belle Meade Junior Invitational 
Sneds Tour Elite Series Events
6 Sneds Tour Tournament of Champions
6 The Bubba
6 Any AJGA Open Events held in Tennessee
7 TGA Junior Amateur Championships
 TPGA Junior Championship
*AJGA Invitationals
8PGA National Junior Championship 
*TGA State Open
9*TGA Women's Open
9*TGA State Amateur Championships
9*TGA State Match Play Championships 
*USGA Junior Championships
*USGA Amateur Championships
10*USGA Open Championships
10*PGA/LPGA Championships 

 The following is the breakdown of how points will be awarded for any qualifying event:
To determine the amount of points earned in an event, take the weight of the tournament (see above) and multiply that number by the amount of points earned for the player's finish (see below). Points will be given to 1/2 of the final field at a particular event up to 20 places. If the final field number is an odd number, we will round up to the nearest even number.
 1ST 25
 2ND 20
 3RD 16
 4TH 13
 5TH 10
 6TH - 10TH
 11TH -20TH
For example: Sam Jones played in the TGA Junior Amateur Championship (weight of 7) and finished in 4th place by himself (13 points).  He would earn 91 points (7 x 13) for competing in the event.

Ties: If there is a tie for a particular finish in an event, we will add up the points earned for each place and then divide that total by the number of players tied (i.e. 3-way tie for 4th, add up points earned for 4th, 5th, and 6th place finishes, then divide by three).
  • Schooldays Championship: Match Play, Oldest Age Divisions - Quarter Finalist (15 points), Semi Finalist (30 points), Finalist (60 points), Champion (75 points)  
  • The Tri Star (Championship Division Only): Match Play, - Quarter Finalist (15 points), Semi Finalist (30 points), Finalist (60 points), Champion (75 points)
  • The Scotty (Championship Division Only): Match Play, - Quarter Finalist (15 Points), Semi Finalist (30 Points), Finalist (60 points), Champion (75 points)(Points listed will be awarded to each player on the receiving team)

  • AJGA Invitationals: Participant (50 points) 
  • PGA National Junior Championship: Exempt (50 points), Make the Cut (25 points)

  • TGA Men's State Amateur(Stroke Play): Exempt or Qualify (50 points), Make the Cut (25 points), Low Junior (20 points), 2nd Low Junior (15 points), 3rd Low Junior (10 points)

  • TGA Men's and Women's State Match Play(Match Play): Exempt or Qualify (25 points), Each Match Won (25 points)

  • TGA Women's State Amateur (Championship Division Only): Low Junior (20 points), 2nd Low Junior (15 points), 3rd Low Junior (10 points) 

  • TGA Men's and Women's State Open Championship (Stroke Play): Men - Exempt or Qualify (50 points), Both - Make the Cut (25 points), Both - Low Junior (20 points), 2nd Low Junior (15 points), 3rd Low Junior (10 points)
  • USGA Junior Championships (Match Play): Exempt or Qualify (75 points), Medalist - 200 points, Make the Cut for Match Play (25 points), Each Match Won (20 points)

  • USGA Amateur Championships (Match Play):Qualify (100 points), Medalist (200 points), Make the Cut for Match Play (50 points), Each Match Won (20 points)
  • USGA Open Championships: Participate (150 points), Make the Cut (100 points)
  • PGA/LPGA Championships: Participate (150 points), Make the Cut (100 points)

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