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  Membership / Eligibility/Participation  


The TMSGA follows TMSAA Bylaws from the 2023-24 TMSAA Handbook. Each Subject below gives a link to the Bylaw and a bulleted list of the most important points.

Those schools that recognize golf as a TMSAA sport must follow all team and coaching requirements of the TMSAA Handbook Pages 10-11. 

TMSAA Schools that played in the fall are still eligible, but will be playing as an independent team in the spring.

TMSGA Membership 

  • Teams - Schools that have male and/or female students enrolled in 6th, 7th or 8th grade.

  • Individual - students in grades 6-8 that are either home-schooled or their current school cannot field a team.

  • No 5th Graders.

  • 8th graders that played HS Golf in the fall are NOT eligible.

  • Students that become 15 before Aug 1, 2023, are not eligible.


Academic Eligibility

  • Students must  have been academically promoted to the next higher grade.

  • Any student who repeats 6th, 7th or 8th grade shall not be eligible until they have reached the next higher grade.


Other Required Eligibility Rules - TMSAA Handbook

The following rules shall be followed by all TMSGA coaches/teams/players.

  • Academic: TMSAA Bylaws Pages 12-13
  • Amateur Rule: TMSAA Bylaws Page 18
  • Homeschool/Virtual School: TMSAA Bylaws Page19-21
  • Recruiting:  TMSAA Bylaws Pages 16-17
  • Transfer Students: TMSAA Bylaws Pages 14-15
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct: TMSAA Bylaws Pages 23-25


  • If a member school has enough players to form more than one team, they may field one or multiple JV team(s).

  • There will be no additional cost for fielding a JV team

  • JV teams are allowed to compete only against other JV teams

  • Rosters must be submitted


Cooperative Teams (Co-Ops)

  • Two or more teams that cannot field a team (4 for boys and 2 for girls) may petition the TMSGA for permission to have a cooperative golf program.

  • Forms must be filled out and approved by each principal/AD.

  • Co-Op teams must be both TMSAA Member Schools or NON TMSAA Member Schools

  • 2024 TMSAA Co-Ops previously approved - click here.

Home-Schooled Students

  • Home-schooled students are able to participate as an individual, as a team, or as a member of a member schools’ team.

  • If competing as an individual, the player will be placed in a district based upon their location.

  • If competing as a team, all players must be home-schooled students and they will be placed in a district based upon their location. 

  • If competing on another member schools’ team, all TMSAA home school regulations must be met.


Individual Student/Athlete Eligibility

  • Attend the school they are representing.

  • Submit the TMSGA Individual Registration Form.

  • Submit the Parent Consent Form

  • Submit the Schedule Form if different from the team you are “attached” to.

  • Submit the Season Payment of $25 upon receipt of your TMSGA Invoice.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent(s) of the individual participant to contact and acquire permission from the head coach of the TMSGA member school the individual participant wishes to be “attached” to as well as their own middle school before they can join the TMSGA as an individual.

How to participate as an Individual

  • The student/athlete is “attached” to a TMSGA member school - meaning they can participate in that school’s practices and matches.

  • They will compete in TMSGA matches solely as an individual.

  • Individuals will be eligible to qualify for the Region and State events.

  • Individuals may also pursue Co-Op Team participation


Coaches Eligibility/Responsibilities

  • All coaches must be approved and signed off on by the principal, superintendent, and/or local board of education and the TMSGA must be notified if there is a permanent coaching change during the season.

  • Teams that have one coach coaching both boys and girls may appoint an assistant coach to advise one of the teams during competition.

  • Submit forms and payment on time (before first practice and/or competition. Eligible players may be added during the season.

  • Know and enforce Unsportsmanlike Conduct (coaches, student/athletes, and spectators).

  • Do not play ineligible student/athletes.