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TMSGA Rules Education

Golfers are expected to be familiar with the USGA Rules of Golf.  It is the player's responsibility to know the Rules.  This is a process, and it takes years to perfect your knowledge of the Rules and they are ever changing.  This page has been created to help you with your Rules education.  We hope that every player, coach and parent will use this tool often.  The Rules can not be learned in one sitting, but studied over a period of time.

What do I need to know?
  • Every TMSGA event is played under the USGA Rules of Golf.
  • About the TMSGA Hard Card with specific Rules that TMSGA events are played under. (i.e Max score per hole is Triple Bogey)
  • You should always carry your Hard Card with you. 
  • Starting in 2023, USGA Rule Books will no longer be available.  The App will be used to look up information.  Take time to learn how to look up Rules in the App.  
  • The Rules are in place to protect the player.  Knowing the Rules can help you more than hurt you.
  • Be familiar with Rule 20.1c(3).  When you are not sure what to do, you can use this Rule to continue without holding up play and find out the Ruling later.

You Should Also Know:

  • You will break a Rule sometime in your competitive career.  Even the greatest players in the world have broken Rules, some which resulted in the loss of a major championship.
  • Breaking Rules does not mean a player is trying to cheat.  Many times players are unaware they are proceeding incorrectly.  As a fellow competitor, it is good etiquette to bring this to their attention before they incur a penalty.  If you knowingly intentionally let them break a rule and then call the penalty on them, you yourself may be subject to a penalty.

The USGA has created some wonderful interactive videos to help you with the most common Rules you will come into contact with.  Click Here to be directed to these 12 short videos.

Here are some other helpful tools on the USGA website:

Golf's New Rules: Major Changes in 2023 - Click Here

Rules of Golf Quiz; Choose from 10, 18 or 25 questions that are basic, advanced or a mix - Click Here

15 Rules every golfer should know - Click Here

Information on Distance Measuring Devices - Click Here

Information on the Rules of Amateur Status - Click Here

Check out the USGA Rules FAQ's - Click Here

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